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One-Off Consultancy Sessions Now Available

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Here at iAM we’re always listening to students and prospective students about how we can develop our services, so today, we’re very pleased to announce that, in addition to our longer more extensive mentoring  programmes for composers and arrangers, we will also now be offering one-off consultancy opportunities with our tutors.

These are one-off consultancy sessions, where you can submit work and questions to one of our specialist tutors* for appraisals and/or guidance on how to proceed (depending on your requirements) and you’ll receive detailed written feedback from your chosen tutor. There is also the option, with certain tutors, to receive your feedback on a Skype video chat, or phone conversation if that is more convenient. Work can be send in various formats, to suit you (Sibelius, Dorico, PDFs or scans of handwritten scores etc).

One-off consultancy sessions are excellent starting points for getting a project or period of study off to a good solid start where your tutor can provide diagnostic feedback and help to direct your future areas and direction of study. Sessions are also a good way to help restart stalled projects or help you to reassess and develop existing pieces, arrangements, or breathe new life and inspiration into an old project.  These one-off sessions are also an excellent way to get used to working in a distance learning mentoring environment.

Our tutors can help out with composition projects in all styles, arrangements and orchestration projects. You may have a little experience of composition and/or arrangement or may have good prior experience but require help in an unfamiliar area of expertise (such as choir arranging, orchestration, song writing etc.).

Payment of £80 is taken at the time of booking by Credit/Debit Card or Paypal (payment by bank transfer is also available) and we believe that these consultancy sessions offer incredible value for money with access to professional working composers and guidance, but without the longer term time (and financial) commitments of a longer course of study.

More information about the consultancy sessions can be found HERE.

* Please check the individual tutor profiles for details of their specialisms.
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