Publishing & Composer Support

One of the founding aims of the International Academy of Music was to provide support and a platform with which to champion the works of emerging composers, whether just starting out, or more established composers, and looking for a more flexible and ethical publishing solution.

Our initial research showed that there was considerable interest in having reliable support that could give advice and help composers get started with publishing, both in the educative/examination sectors and also the wider music publishing market. Currently in development, and due to be launched very early in 2018, will be a service to help composers and arrangers get this start, and with a better deal. iAM’s publishing team will periodically put out calls for scores from composers who would like the chance to get their work checked, typeset and proofed professionally, and put out for sale via online and traditional formats.

This will be done on what we believe is a really fair and ethical basis, with no fees, a higher share percentage on sales compare to industry standard, and most importantly, after a short initial period, a non-exclusive sales agreement rather than publishing contract so that, as the composer becomes more established, they are able to choose whether to remain with us or not. Full control, no initial outlay, good sales royalty percentages and  flexibility for the future.

As part of our publishing work, we will also try to arrange a sample recording with which to help market the work. We want you to succeed and we want to see the wider publishing industry become more open and fair to composers and arrangers.

Full details will be available in early 2018, but in the meantime, composers wishing to potentially send pieces for consideration should contact the publishing team HERE.