iAM: Mentoring Course

£795.00 / 12 months

iAM: Mentoring courses are bespoke programmes of development for intermediate through to advanced composers. You will work with one of our composer-mentors on your own projects or portfolio, using their guidance to help expand on and develop your work in a professional and practical way.

There are no fixed course materials in iAM: Mentoring, you are in control of the direction and focus of your study. You may wish to work on one larger work, or several smaller works, it really is up to you. Depending on your current skill level, background and requirements, your tutor will be able to suggest the most beneficial and appropriate path to achieve your goals.

To benefit the most from mentoring, you will currently have some experience of composing music, broadly in a classical, cinematic or music theatre genre and have existing music theory skills of around ABRSM/TCL Grade 5. Additionally you must own and be able to use a notation software such as Sibelius*. If these don’t apply to you, or you are looking for a beginner’s course, please see our FAQs for guidance, alternatively contact us.

Full details of iAM: Mentoring can be found in the Product Description below.

* Sibelius is recommended for iAM: Mentoring, if you use another system, please contact us.

Product Description

What you get:

iAM: Mentoring comes with a 12 month membership and contact  & assessment credits. Should you want to make extra use of the course and your composer-mentor, additional assessment credits can be purchased in the shop. Membership can also be extended inexpensively at the end of your first year¹ if you wish to continue your study and development with iAM for a further period of time.

This is the payment-in-full option, which is the most recommended way to sign up. With this option you instantly receive 6 Contact & Assessment Credits (CAS credits) which are used to submit your work for feedback during your mentoring course.


One payment, in full, of £795 will be taken at the time of booking. We accept payment via a range of payment options including Credit and Debit cards, Bank Transfer and PayPal. There is also an instalment option available (however, with this you only get one CAS credit added to you account every two months).

On sign up:

You will receive email confirmation of your course sign up and your account log-in details. You will also receive a downloadable welcome pack which will guide your next steps. Within 24 hours, our office will contact you by email to confirm your course and begin the process of allocating you a mentor. Your mentor will then contact you to start planning your programme. If at any stage you require any help, please contact us.

¹ The current 2017/18 membership renewal fee is £120 for a further 12 months although if you sign up for any other iAM course your membership will be renewed for all previous/current courses as well.

Studying, contact & support:

As in the world of the professional composer and arranger, you will be working from home at a pace and time that suits you. Your tutor-mentor will help suggest and plan a programme of study at the start of your course and contact with your tutor will likely be mostly through email. You also have access to course support when you need it from the iAM office by Email, Skype, Google Hangout, Phone or via various Social Media.