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Forthcoming Course Announcement: Listening to the 20th Century

iAM Education - Rare Repertoire Course - International Academy of Music Education

We’re excited to announce that our first iAM Listening course will be released in early 2018. This is a fascinating and substantial course journeying through the myriad of musics produced in the 20th Century through directed listening and research, covering the links with the Romantic period onwards.

The course is in seven parts and contains over 80 possible practical creative tasks grouped into pathways such as Composing, Arranging, Orchestration, Concert Programming, Musicology/Essay Writing and Journalism, so that you can tailor the course to whatever specific musical interests you want to develop.

The first part of the course (pictured above) is available as a sample via the links on the iAM Listening courses page, the course introduction and detailed course page will be available nearer to the course launch. You can also register an interest in course updates using the form on the page above.

In the meantime, please contact us with any questions.



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