iAM: Listening Courses

The iAM: Listening courses are designed to broaden the stylistic and repertoire knowledge of composers, arrangers and music appreciators through a varied range of practical listening tasks.

Courses will be available in both short and long formats covering different musical genres such as Western Classical Music, Musical Theatre and Film Music.

There will be several pathways within each course, including a range of possible training and creative tasks that will suit your background and specialism.

Several of these courses are currently in development and due to be released in Spring 2017. Courses scheduled to be released are Listening to the 20th Century: Rare and Obscure Repertoire, Listening for Musicians: Medieval and Renaissance and Cinematic Classics.

Details of these and future courses will be made available shortly on this page.

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We’re also interested to hear in the types of course you want – do get in touch and help develop the future of iAM.