Here at iAM we have several different types of practical courses aimed at composers, musicians and music appreciators. Regardless of your specialism we have something to suit you and help expand your knowledge and creative practices. Many of our courses can be customised to suit your individual needs and goals. Read our Frequently Asked Questions to check your suitability for our courses. 

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for Composing & Arranging


in Musical Genres & History


in Unusual & Rare Repertoire


for Composers & Musicians

Bespoke mentoring courses for intermediate through to advanced composers. Work with one of our composer-mentors on your own projects or portfolio.

Explore the history and music of different periods and genres, engaging with a choice of practical tasks designed to suit composers, arrangers or music appreciators.

Expand your musical horizons with a guide through lesser known repertoire. These listening based courses are adaptable to suit your background, benefiting the composer or appreciator.

Shorter, more specific, courses designed to ‘plug gaps’ in knowledge of composers and arrangers such as choral arranging, practical harmony and counterpoint.